Haven't read all the replies so forgive me if this has been mentioned but what about that awful fast food chicken place where the little girl is dismayed that her daddy has "fisted" her brother? Now I gotta look up Peter Brady lol. Its not even funny how sick and withered away this poor guy looks. Next scene, the woman and the man, whose balls shes clearly got in her purse, are now in their incredibly efficient car talking to her Mom who reminds them its Dads birthday coming up. (I dont recall anything being voted on, just this sudden inundation of creepy TV commercials.). ", R484 I guess online sports betting must have passed in my state earlier this year because suddenly there were incessant commercials for different betting companies. 5 cybersquire 3 yr. ago LIMU EMUUUUU 3 Teemo_Ren 3 yr. ago And Doug. I didn't laugh the first time I saw it..or the 50 more times they insisted on airing it. "The peanut butter box is here" for Chewy. But not in the way theyd hoped. The one with the photographer who says that age is just a number and hers is unlisted. Some jingles or gimmicks would lodge in my head but I never connected them with what products were being sold. R481, my sister and I are trying to figure if that's a homely woman or an unattractive man in that commercial. "You're gonna save up all of your money for what - a trip to Bora Bora? Never knew a bumped thread had so much power. The way he says, "Moneeeee! Sigh. Those godawful "Life Alert" commercials. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. He occasionally has patients on and he goads them into telling him/us how wonderful "Dr. Lederman" is. The commercials show the adventures of an emu who wants to help customers save money on car insurance and his partner, a human named Doug. Liberty Mitual - Limu Emu and that annoying jingle. Yes, R275! Can't the Defense Dept. Ever. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. Fun fact: it played as I was typing this. I don't hate, but she is annoying. I don't remember; I turn it off immediately. We all know what they do in the woods. . Or maybe it's just that the ads are annoying and we can just leave it at that. Then he smiles and he's even uglier. If I were deaf, I'd be insulted by this ad. The French Bulldog has more personality than the actors. The actor playing the father is definitely over reacting to what he sees his small son doing, as if kids don't do such stupid things?! It's enough to make you wanna swear off television altogether and I can't even remember what the ads are even for? Bitch, you are right there with them. It's not going to old Jewish women in Russia or the Ukraine. Prissy friend is holding a Tupperware container and suddenly states he changed his mind on sharing the potluck dish he brought to the party. (The driver's subsequent glare is great.) I dont know how anyone lives without them. Death or dead or passed away if theyre trying to be as sensitive as possible. You're feeding your kid sugar and you think you're a great parent? Im only here because this pathetic frau thread keeps getting bumped by MAGAt fraus or log cabinettes (exclamation point). I like watching Decades occasionally, but the repeated Camp Lejeune lawsuit ad is hard to take. I have always loathed this ugly frog looking mf'er and his voice makes me cringe. My most annoying commercial is Allstate, save 40% said over and over again by different people. For support, please email: [email protected] or call (800) 381-0891. That snot bubble commercial seems to be in constant rotation! What gives? Than it shows this guy who drives sort of fast and shows this girl he hit with his car in the hospital fighting for her life. The Uqora commercial where the bitch proudly shares that she had 8 UTIs in one year. You like have to watch regular broadcast tv, right? The lawsuit commercials are far less captivating to say the least. Like they were made by a disturbed mind. R191, that's a well-known actor whose name escapes me right now. For more information, please see our Is it worth checking out? (Truth: I buy unscented everything.) [deleted] 1 yr. ago You were stationed there then and are trying to argue that your life has been shortened? I cannot count how many times that silly ad has been on during today alone. That's will sound a bit psychotic but I wish someone would choke Jimmy Walker to death. Silly me, R149. The insurance commercial with the old black lady sitting in her hospital bed with her paper gown on who tells her daughter, "I'm at peace with my home going.". And then you know what I said to my cats "oh do like half as old as you Marie. I'm thinking of starting a GoFundMe so I can raise enough money to hire a hit man to kill the guy who does the voice overs for Gain. It's even worse when he faux sings. Face it Liberty, these arenotfunny. I also hate the one Toby the dog is sliding his ass along the rug at the party. Thanks R189. Somewhat slap that annoying little bitch in the spot wherein her mother refers to her as "Picasso". I hate JJ Walker. She's trying way too hard to be Jennifer Aniston. [quote]Please help me Jesus The commercial with the hyper suburban frau saying her butt crack smells fresh all day after using this god only knows butt crack freshener. (Do you recall the gum commercial where the high school kid left wrappers for his sweetheart? They stand next to a backyard table, looking disappointed that the party seems to be a bummer/very low key. Electric Unicycle advert: With the money you save, try electric . Hey, here's an idea - start your own thread about how much you hate commercials and the people who watch them. Who in their right mind thought this was a great advertising slogan? ( to whoever is responsible). I wonder was percentage of the population still sees commercials? Dropps drop the bad stuff laundry commercial with all the deformed and misshapen. R125 A commercial with zero POC , that is rare. Think Budweiser Clydesdales and dogs for loyalty and tears of joy. The special-needs Jim Carreyish Leafcutter guru and his rapt audience of atrocious, absurd actors with even more absurd lines. Im watching Facts of Life repeats on Logo this afternoon. If that sort of exam can be accomplished virtually, give the inventor a Nobel Prize! That ad is targeted to the fox/trump viewers. Who would hire such an annoying creature? Machen Sie das auch? But thats one trick pony Comedy Central for you. The bad commercials fail to tell a decent story. It's as though they are trying to establish a false connection between Medicare and CarShield, whatever and whoever the latter is. I don't know why, but there's something about her face that makes me want to punch it. For more information, please see our Than theres what I believe is called Pretty Kitty Liter where at the end the guy advertising the kitty litter goes try it for yourself! , [quote]Than theres the Lume commercial for your buttcrack where they talk about how when someone showers the stink factor in their hole reaches level 5 in a mere hour or so where as if you use Lume it reaches 1 tops Im wondering whos doing this research for this one. My husband had to correct me on insurance co.). The narrator has a very annoying lisp. A lot of gadget commercials that are shown on the mesothelioma/Camp Lejeune channels have suddenly been edited to let you know that, because of material shortages, or something, manufacturing has been STOPPED and so you must order NOW because soon they will be gone FOREVER. THANK YOU, R60. The Jurassic Park dinosaur tie-ins with other commercials. And he refers to himself in the third person. RR and BK were computer hackers. I was thinking, "Girl, try decaf." Stanley Steamer which airs in my area during the local evening news broadcast. I can smell his stench through the screen. fuck that stupid car insurance company. For the person earlier who said they watch Hulu and Youtube and never see commercials, there are 2 levels of Hulu: premium and ad-sponsored. What are you on about r261. My dad once called to ask me if I wanted that food the Marie Osmond eats because someone had left a case at his door. I hardly ever see commercials? I hate them all. The Life Alert one that begins with when the elderly fall. Their jingle (Liberty, Liberty, Liberty) reminds me that I need to record any show theyre on, so I can fast forward after making a mental note to never buy their product. Those hideous fraus complaining they can't shit. My doctor keeps tellin' me 'whatever yer doin, keep it up.'" Azo feminine pills. Saw this shit for the first and 100th times today. With the year being half over already, what are the worst commercials so far this year? Yeah, I understand the anti-google sentiment, but the first time I saw the commercial was enough. I loved that guy - now I can look him up, it says Roosevelt Grier became an actor - and it was needlepoint. ewan mcgregor's Expedia !!!!!! They must be making boatloads of cash to have all those ads out there. R29, that's one of my least favorites as well. She danced like a vengeful angel and choreographed her soul In Living Color! It all seems so sleazy and sketchy. Dont change the subject. Why would a little kid be so loath to "hide my skin"? They draw you in, or make you laugh, or make you cry (in a good way). Trying to make crappy unhealthy food seem hip and desirable is a joke. McDonalds has an ad showing a backyard party - closeup on a woman and her gay friend looking dismal. That ugly bitch in the Walgreens health and wellness commercial. Why not enjoy the go? (Said no one ever.) Who the fuck In programming gave the go to air this grotesque commercial? If I want to smell a flower, Ill walk up to one. He weighed like 350 pounds!! I used to do mornings at 9 am but I hate trapping him in the cat carrier so early. That sounds true. Both guys are hot but especially the bearded guy. Fuck off, Fatface. Based on that, I think they will be around a while, like Flo at Progressive and the GEICO Gecko. This stupid ad from J.C. Penney. R10, the commercial is driving me MAD!!!! I am sick and tired of the Amazon back to school ads with that mom in the army green jacket. ese are, without a doubt, commercials that Id like to never see on my TV screen again: (with the plastic head). Its for Hampton Inn or some other hotel chain that shows a girl with Downs Syndrome having breakfast with her dad and she pours chocolate and maple syrup over her fully loaded Belgian waffle. Then, at Dads birthday, daughter regifts the same gas card to her Dad. After I rubbed his sore cock of course. Strike that. I want to strangle the screaming singer. I agree, R138. The gross part is that his boobs sag down to his hips! An ad for some kind of online/home schooling thing. Or if they have a theme, they fail on plot. john nolan obituary 2021 syracuse, ny,
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